New Banknotes

A local newspaper, The Point, has reported the introduction of two new banknotes. Some people think a D500 note would be useful for business and tourism (500 dalasi is about £7). The new notes will be plasticised so should last longer than the current paper notes. Few people in The Gambia have bank accounts so notes can get very worn before they get to a bank to be withdrawn.

A picture of the new, plasticised 20D note. It is similar to the 25D, but is green instead of blue. It features a bee eater and the President.
The new D20 note.

The new D20 note features pictures of a bee-eater and the President.  I have not seen a description of the D200 note.

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Gambia gets new D20 and D200 notes

Africa » Gambia

Thursday, February 26, 2015

President Yahya Jammeh yesterday launched the new D20 polymer currency note and series of redesigned Gambian banknotes, a press statement has said.

The event, which took place at State House, also witnessed the introduction of a D200 note.

The redesigned banknotes bear the portrait of President Jammeh and are smaller in size than the existing paper-based banknotes.

The D20 will replace the existing D25 banknote which will continue to be legal tender and will continue to circulate until it is fully withdrawn over time, the release stated.

The historic event held at State House formed part of activities marking the country`s Golden Jubilee.

In his statement, President Jammeh urged Gambians to take ownership of the new banknotes and handle them with care.

He called on the Gambian populace to familiarize themselves with the new banknotes, and help in ensuring their protection from counterfeiters.

He assured De La Rue, the firm that printed the country`s currency, of the government`s continued partnership.

The Governor of The Central Bank of The Gambia, Amadou Colley, said the redesigned banknotes have been produced using cutting edge technology.

The move, he said, is designed to enhance the security of the country’s currency for improved economic growth.

A representative of De La Rue, Tom Lee, explained that The Gambia is a year ahead of the Bank of England in introducing the polymer banknotes.


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