3 articles on the danger of Ebola paranoia

TED Talks have collected 3 articles about Ebola paranoia; they are all written from an American perspective but are relevant to the rest of the world.


It’s Halloween — and the only thing scarier than Ebola this week is Ebola paranoia. Should you panic in bowling alleys? How justified is your fear of hospitals? Are mandatory quarantines even legal in the U.S., anyway? 3 ideas behind the news.

Source: “Thomas Eric Duncan and Craig Spencer: Race, nationality and rhetoric of Ebola patients,”Slate, 2014.
Why you should read this article: There’s a casual racism to most Ebola fearmongering in the U.S. This article spells it out. For further reading on the issue, start with this history of racist moral panic over disease.

Source: “David Quammen on Ebola, globalization and viral epidemics,” Ebola Deeply, 2014.
Why you should read this Q&A: Does being forced into an Ebola tent violate your civil rights? Yes, says David Quammen, author of Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus — and we need more national conversation about…

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