Cabana Bar

Last night we went out for ‘a quick beer’ with a friend. We met just after 5 o’clock and he led us to the Cabana bar. It’s fairly new – apparently it opened last October on the site of the former Seaview bar. If you take the road next to the Senegambia strip, past the football pitch it is at the end of the road right on the beach with 180 degrees of sea views from the bar. It’s been decorated and furnished to a really high standard  and has a welcoming ambience. Helena, the Bulgarian who runs the place has excellent English but if you ask her anything controversial her reply was always “Me no speak Eenglish, me only sell beer”! (This was obviously a lie as the bar was stocked with all the best brands of spirits). The Julbrew was ice cold, as it should be, and it came with a glass, which not all beach bars provide. My wife, who was driving, declared that the coffee was some of the best she’s tasted in The Gambia; it was fresh filter coffee, not the usual Nescafe and when she’d had enough caffeine and wanted a soft drink, but not a fizzy one, Helena asked if she liked strawberries and then mixed up a fantastic non-alcoholic strawberry cocktail. It must have been nice as it was too good to share and I didn’t even get offered a taste! There were also plates of complimentary nuts which were refilled as quickly as we ate them. 

I said we went out for ‘a quick beer’, it ended up being a bit more than that; I don’t know what time we finally left the bar but it was after 11 when we got back to our compound in Sanyang. The best nights out are always unplanned and this was one of the best nights out we’ve had for a long time. No entertainment, no music, no food, just a good conversation, putting the world to rights.


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