Annie and Rufus, our Gambian Dogs

Annie and Rufus

Rufus. It’s a hard life.






Annie Relaxing
Annie Relaxing

Everyone thinks that their dogs are the best, but I’d like to tell you what’s extra special about our two dogs, Rufus and Annie.

They are part guard dog and part pet, they’ve learnt to chase off unwanted intruders like monkeys, squirrels, chameleons, lizards, mice and the odd feral dog that gets into the compound. We haven’t had any trouble with human intruders, probably because they bark at anyone who comes to the gate and partly because Rufus bounces. We’ve let the local kids think that this is because he is a mad dog and wants to bite them but in fact Rufus is a survivor of distemper. They both live outside, and sleep on the veranda so they are at the door to greet us first thing every morning. Like Annie, Rufus is a rescue dog. The charity, Animal Care Gambia pick up stray cats and dogs, get them neutered, treated for any diseases, inoculated and then the adults are returned to the area they were found and kittens and puppies are re-homed. They work closely with Micha the Vet who called him Boy-Boy and has uploaded a number of videos about Rufus. We adopted both dogs on the anniversary of the day we moved into our compound, hence Annie (Annie-versary, geddit?) and Rufus just seemed a more appropriate name than Boy-Boy the bouncing dog.

Rufus 1

Rufus 2

Rufus 3

Rufus 4

Rufus 5

Rufus 6  (with guest appearance by Annie).



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