What do we do all week?

When you live here, you are not on holiday.

There are all the routine tasks that come with running a home – shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, decorating, gardening, maintenance etc. – and other chores such as cleaning the pool, washing down the solar panels and managing staff – many people employ a maid, a gardener or a night watchman as local wages are very low. The rest of the day is taken up with moderate exercise, swimming 100 lengths of the pool, reading (kindle or else many bars run free lending libraries), or an occasional trip to the beach. My wife is a keen knitter and seamstress and I do a little woodwork as a hobby.Image

The internet is a valuable asset for keeping in touch with family and friends and watching TV. There are a number of sites that allow you to watch television programmes from many countries including http://www.epctv.com http://myiplayer.eu/home.php http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca and http://www.livestation.com/en/channels and YouTube. You can’t watch UK services such as BBC iPlayer and 4OD unless you use a VPN, and you may want to use a VPN anyway for security purposes. There is only one ordinary TV channel which is government run and broadcasts local news in several local languages. Free satellite TV is available from a satellite which is apparently aimed at Dubai, but covers West Africa as well (I have no idea how) and has several news, sport and film channels in English.

We tend to eat our main meal at dusk and spend the evenings listening to radio via the internet – we’ve got out of the habit of watching TV.

Once a week we go to a pub quiz and we make a point of visiting our local beach bar on Friday afternoons just to catch up with other ex-pats living in the area. It would be easy to stay on the compound and totally lose track of what day it was if you didn’t have some fixed points in your week!

Local beer and spirit prices are extremely low (imported beer, wine and spirits are only a little cheaper than UK prices) and it would be easy to drink too much too often so I don’t open my first bottle of Julbrew until dusk during the week or the 2 pm call to prayers at weekends.


2 thoughts on “What do we do all week?

    1. It’s not expensive – by UK standards – but everyone wants to rent for the same 6 months so if you want to rent for a whole year you can expect a big discount. Expect to pay £50 to £500 a month depending on location and facilities.


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